Monday 30 December 2013

2013 Year in Review...19 Quilts!

The year 2013 has been a great one for me, and that included lots of sewing (though not these past few months). Considering my first ever quilt I started in January of 2012 it is hard to believe I actually finished 19 (!) quilts this year! When I saw them all written down I was even a little shocked. How did I find the time?

Hopefully in the new year, with the addition of a new baby girl, I will get lots of quilting time. I'm hoping she is soothed by the sound of a sewing machine. Am I a crazy dreamer?

Left to right, top to bottom: Things That Go, Ice Cream Truck, Foxy Blocks, Bouncing Bunnies, Giraffe Love, Bluebird's Song, Superhero Mashup, Spring Garden, Purple Patchwork, Thank You Kate, Comma Sutra, Plus One, Lily Garden, Jungle Jewel, GeoBaby, Little Red, One is Fun, Jungle Jam and A Zipper in Time.
Above is a collage of all my quilts this year. I also did some smaller projects, but I usually forget to take pictures of those. I need to be more diligent about that this year.

I would say that the quilt I am most proud of is A Zipper in Time, a complicated, large quilt that ended up looking amazing for my father-in-law's 60th birthday. For sentimental reasons, I love Lily Garden because my grandmother, who has been very ill, loves it so much. She was hospitalized for many weeks this past winter and she insists on her quilt being with her all the time. I love that (even if the quilt itself is not to my personal taste). Really, I have love for all these quilts, made for other people (only one in this collage lives at my house, in my daughter's room) and gifted with love.

Now I have to put together a 2014 quilting To Do list. Last year's list was a wee bit adventurous (my friend C says I am totally nuts with my quilting goals) so I think I might try to be more realistic this year. I would say 12 quilts plus a few on-the-go projects like finishing Sugar Block Club blocks from 2013 (I am so behind!). I'll do a 2014 goals post soon.

Hope your 2013 was filled with lots of crafty time!


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