Friday, 3 May 2019

Doctor Who Self-Assigned BOM

I purchased this pattern from Quiet Play some time ago, a pattern she made in collaboration with The Joyful Fox. I am a Doctor Who fan (though to be honest I only started watching at the Ninth Doctor, the recent reboot) and was enamoured with the pattern but figured it would be ages before I could make it. Unless...

Unless I made myself accountable. There are twelve doctors and twelve months (okay, so we are actually on the Thirteenth Doctor and also there is the Wartime Doctor but if you don't know anything about Doctor Who just trust me on this) so I made myself a BOM. Every month in 2019 I will make one of the 12 doctors and come December I can put them into a quilt!

Here are my first four Doctors:
First Doctor

Second Doctor

Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor 

Here are the four blocks all together.
Rather than making them all have the same background colour, I decided to use The Joyful Fox's original prints as colour inspiration so I will have a RAINBOW DOCTOR WHO QUILT GIVE ME A WHAT WHAT.

These patterns are tricky, and I wish some of the tiny pieces were better labelled so I would know where background vs shirt vs skin tone would be, but I love the results and find them quite striking. Here's to another 8 months of Doctors!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Some Stuff I Made

I made some things. So I am just capturing them here for the record.

I made this lined drawstring bag for the WEMGQ exchange of shoe bags. It is Jenni Baker's Lined Drawstring Bag pattern in project size since when I tested it seemed to fit a pair of shoes well.

I made some Sister blocks for the WEMQG block lotto using the Kona colour of the year, Splash. Cute, right? It matched so well with this Elizabeth Hartman print.
 I  made a couple of minis for the program I did with a guild mate, Carol, about mini quilts and mini piecing. 

 I made another project-sized lined drawstring bag to hold a birthday gift for my daughter's friend who turned 11. There is a squishy pink ladybug stuffed animal inside. :)

 I made a bunch of bunny bags to fill with some Easter candy for some loved little people. I do NOT recommend the pattern which is poorly written and which I ended up modifying quilt significantly, but I DO like the outcome. So cute, right?

I made a drawstring bag for Erinoak Kids as a community project for my guild. The instructions are absolutely terrible but once I figured them out, this bag came together in no time. (Sorry for the horrible picture of the end result).

 And, sorry for another horrible picture, but I made a recorder case out of sloth fabric for my older daughter who wanted something more appealing than the standard Yamaha case. Apparently all her friends are jealous. :)

I made 49 faceless dolls to give to a student at my school who is trying to collect 4000 of them by mid-May to represent the 4000 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls here in Canada. It is a national tragedy and source of shame and if you are not familiar with it you should learn more.

If you wish to contribute some dolls they need to be here by May 15. See my Instagram for more details (@lynnfilliter)
 I also made a sleeping bag for our friend's son who LOVES stuffed animals. My daughter picked out Petunia (the platypus) and then I made this custom sleeping bag for her:
 Petunia's sleeping bag resulted in my daughters requesting sleeping bags for their own stuffies. So I told them they could each pick one animal and I would make a sleeping bag using fabric of her choice.

Here is Tulip in her giraffe and yellow stars sleeping bag:

 Here is Koala in her Harry Potter/Elizabeth Hartman sleeping bag:
So I have been working away and keeping all of these images on Instagram but it feels nice to use my blog to also have an account of these makes. Which one is your favourite?

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Hearts for Christchurch

 On March 15, 2019 during Friday prayer at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, a terrorist killed 50 people and injured 50 others. This horrific attack created huge shockwaves of grief around the world and Angels in Gumboots started #heartsforchristchurch in the quilting community to gather green heart blocks to make small quilts for survivors, family members of victims, and first responders. 

Check out #heartsforchristchurch on Instagram to see more.
I made a stack of blocks but put the call out to my guild members that I would assemble a quilt top if I got enough blocks.
 And boy did my quilt guild members respond quickly! The timelines were short because the mailing time to New Zealand from Canada is NOT short (or cheap- hence a quilt top but not a finished quilt which would be prohibitively expensive to ship) but I ended up with more than enough blocks!

First I made a layout with almost all of the blocks:
But the lime greens were standing out too much for my liking plus this was NOT the size they requested (6x7). So I pulled out the lime blocks, made the quilt the size they requested and checked for balance:
 Before sewing it all together and taking a quick photo. Then it got shipped to New Zealand. (Thanks to Susan for the extra financial support for the cost of shipping!) All of this happened in about a week which is pretty amazing.
 I also made a roll of binding from some Bonnie and Camille green fabric I had in my stash because I imagine it will be MUCH needed as they assemble these quilts.
I wish our community never had incidents like this that requires us to come together, and I wish we didn't have to say EVERYONE should be safe, EVERYONE should be able to worship without worry, and EVERYONE is important. But it does make me happy when I can see our guild, 20 hours by plane away, pulling together some hearts made with love to give a bit of comfort to some people who need a reminder of the love they shouldn't ever doubt is there.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

A Quilt for an Owl and a Flamingo of Tigers

After making my younger daughter a quilt for her doll, she insisted her owl, Oscar, also needed a quilt. Because of course he did.
 She was very particular, laying out all these HSTs that I had leftover from another quilt (that is almost finished and I should be able to post about soon!) and then handing me each HST in the order she thought I should sew it. 
 She occasionally stopped to test my pieces against her owl to make sure it was the exact size that she wanted it to be. Adorable but slow work.
 The finished results is somewhat adorable, though that binding does not really work for me. It was chosen by my daughter out of my scrap bind for bindings because it has owls on it. Of course.

On a different note, at the West End Modern Quilt Guild in March we learned about making art collage quilts from Tish, one of our awesome members. Our exchange for May is a mini quilt using this technique. I decided that a flamingo would be super graphic and easy to tell from a silhouette and got to work. And I am DELIGHTED with the results!
Rotary cutter for size

If you look carefully you will see some Tula, some Elizabeth Hartman and some strawberries from Alison Glass as well as some TIGERS! PINK TIGERS from an old Cotton+Steel print. SHUT UP ISN'T IT ADORABLE?! I hope that whomever the recipient is as in love with it as I am!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

BOM Update

The West End Modern Quilt Guild's Block of the Month is humming along so I wanted to share my blocks so far!
 This one was the February block and I HATED making it. The curves were awful to do and this was my take on the apple core block which was the challenge and which is not my thing. I don't know if I even like the end result but I don't hate it either so...yay?
 This was the March block, a smaller block, and I had fun fussy cutting the centre. I like it but it is a little traditional for my usual aesthetic. If you don't remember, I am trying to do all my BOM blocks with inverse print/background.
This is my April block and it is a take on a log cabin. I pushed it to be more modern and that big outer border on two sides I think looks pretty cool so I am happy. I do wish I had used a different print as my centre block but I was sort of making it up as I went so oh well.

Can't wait to see what my guild members come up with for the May block!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Neutral Summer: A Finished Quilt

This past summer (2018) I participated in the Summer Sampler 2018. I challenged myself to use mostly scraps and to do the quilt entirely in neutrals (black, white and grey) because I love to use colour and it would push me to think differently about each block in terms of contrast.

The finished result delights me and my mom claimed it almost immediately.

Here is Neutral Summer:
 The impact of the neutral pallet is, I think, pretty powerful. I had some trouble with those hourglass filler blocks at first because they were reading too dark so I switched some of the colours and was much happier.
 The backing is just a grey I found for a reasonable price at Lens Mills and though I usually like a pieced backing my mother does not. 
I quilted it using straight-ish horizontal lines which was simple but effective. Especially considering the size of the quilt (80" x 80") it made sense to be practical rather than too decorative. That is a big quilt!

Sunday, 13 January 2019


At the West End Modern Quilt Guild, my friend A has organized a Block of the Month that is going to be SO FUN.

She worked her buns off and designed this super cool block layout with all these rules to push us out of our comfort zones.

The way I plan to push myself is to take all of the blocks designed by (or at least presented by) guild members and inverse the background and patterned fabric. I also plan to use my bundle of Honeymoon fabric from Sarah Watts, a Cotton+Steel release in 2015. I love this fabric SO much but it is a really unusual mix of colours and so it doesn't really seem to "go" with other fabrics. This will put them all together into one quilt!

A offered the additional challenge for January to make it with just two fabrics.

The January block, finishing at 16", is a pain in the butt. It is a Carpenter's Wheel (also called many other things) and it has 64 pieces, many of which are HSTs. I was cursing A, trust me.

I coloured one in to see how the inverse might look, then I made myself a legend to figure out how to reverse the pattern.

Then I started my block and had it finished in time for the January meeting of the West End Modern Quilt Guild!

I am quite delighted with the inverse effect, though my seams are a little questionable. Don't look too closely!

Can't wait to see what the end quilt looks like!