Monday 28 October 2019

Joy: A Finished Quilt

I love Lizzy House. When I was cutting out the fabric for my Lizzy House Snail quilt I also cut a 5" square from almost every fabric I own of hers. Then this summer I finally put them all together into a simple patchwork in rainbow order.

There is no reason for the quilt other than it makes me ridiculously happy every time I see it. It is a small lap size and it is so delightful.

For the back I went back into my Lizzy Stash and cut some rectangles to do another stripe of colour. The main backing fabric is an orange stripe from her Castle Peeps line that is soooooooo old and OOP. It is so cheerful with the rainbow!

So nice to make a quilt just because it is a happy thing to make!

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