Sunday 27 October 2019

Elle's Unicorn: A Finished Quilt

A colleague whom I cherish recently gave birth to a precious baby girl. This Lisa the Unicorn quilt (an Elizabeth Hartman pattern) seemed the perfect choice. The background is Kona UltraMarine. 

For the unicorn's mane I used all Alison Glass Sunprints and I LOVE how it turned out. The unicorn's horn is Tula Pink.
The backing is an old OOP Aneela Hooey print that I find charming, in a light pink.

I did organic straight-ish line quilting.

The wee bub (and her mom) loved the quilt!


  1. What a gorgeous gift. Your quilt is delightful. And what a sweet little bub.

  2. I like how the unicorn is in one corner so the rest can be a play mat for lego or playmobil in future. And great choice for the horn fabric!