Monday 22 September 2014

September Kona Solids

September's Kona solids arrived from Sew Sisters and it is a collection of four muted browns.
Hooray for books!
Though I am not really into browns I don't mind this combination. The Mushroom in particular has a nice tone about it that might make it a nice neutral in place of a white or grey. Don't get me wrong, I'll choose grey 100 times out of 100, but I need to expand my tastes sometimes too!
Left to right: Raffia, Straw, Mushroom and Cappuccino.
I have been working to see the good in all my Kona bundles, but I have the same complaint about this month's bundle that I did about last month. Two of the colours are very similar. As in, without a colour card you might not be able to tell them apart. You certainly wouldn't see much difference between Raffia and Straw on a computer (which makes me love this club because I get to see so many colours in real life). I am hoping that next month's bundle will have a bit more contrast between colours.

It does seem, however, that I can't be satisfied since I seem to complain every month. And yet I love getting my solids! I do encourage anyone who needs to start building a solids stash to check out this club. Though perhaps, unlike me, you will actually have time to sew with some of those solids...


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  1. I had to look away when I saw your post pop up in my Bloglovin' feed. Your Konas always arrive before mine! I just don't know about this selection... it's so.... brown. I should probably take some of my own medicine and mix these in with my other Konas so I can see their potential a little better, but I'm not feelin' it! Fingers crossed for something more exciting next month!