Thursday 2 October 2014


Ages ago I ordered a bundle called Glow with the Flow from Pink Castle Fabrics. I loved the quirky, modern look to the black and white dots with the bright, neon pinks, greens and oranges. It has sat in my stash for quite some time. When I found out some of our neighbours are expecting a little girl I thought of this bundle right away. They are young and a bit wild and I thought it would be perfect.

I put the neons with some black dots on white and made a pile of HSTs.
Post-pressing, pre-trimming.
And I started to put together a layout that fit my vision. This is what it was starting to look like:
I left that black and white print whole so that you wouldn't lose the graphic nature of it.
But. Then I ran out of black dots on white (but still had lots of colour). And since I am determined to shop my stash as much as possible, I pulled out a white dot on black print and made up another stack of HSTs to go with the first stack. And then I started to play with layout. Below are just a couple of the six or seven layouts I tried.
I tried putting the coloured dots together into a diamond.

I tried alternating the white and black dots and removing the black and white face print.
I went with adding in some neon squares that were whole squares, I tried adding white sashing and then black sashing, I tried putting like-colours together into pinwheels (all orange, all pink), and pinwheels with different colours. In the end...
...I stacked them all up and abandoned the project. It just. Wasn't. Working. I never do this. I stick through projects to the end! But if it wasn't working for me then I wasn't proud of the work and I didn't feel right giving it as a gift if I didn't love it. So I bit the bullet, texted the mom and asked what her nursery colours are.
Here is Plan B. Can you guess the nursery colours?
There is a whole lot of Lotta (Jansdotter) in this pull, and the fabrics are feminine but not babyish. I just need to select a pattern and then I can roll with Plan B (baby is due in November). I'm feeling this bundle a lot more and maybe one day inspiration will strike with the other pile. In the meantime, I'm okay with moving on!



  1. Love grey and gold/yellow baby stuff... sometimes it's nice to know the nursery colours. Somehow I think the first one mightn't have fit in quite so nicely :) That said, I really liked the final incarnation... the faces print would make a good backing for it if you ever decide to un-abandon it! :)

  2. You know, I quite like that first version - the faces really break up what could otherwise be a pretty overwhelming expanse of BRIGHT and LOUD and BOLD. Of course, I love that face print (I kept talking myself out of buying it, but it's pretty awesome) and I don't love neon, so maybe that's part of it :D