Tuesday 4 November 2014

October Kona Solids: What I Would Have Chosen Instead

This month I was hoping for a really "wow" bundle of Kona solids from my monthly Sew Sisters delivery. Last October had this gorgeous combo of greys that was dark and spooky and delicious because they were varied enough to really get a feel for the range you could work with. I even commented on the pleasant lack of orange and black, the "obvious" colours.

Then this year's October bundle arrived and...
Well that was expected.
I don't mind orange, not really. And green is a favourite colour, though perhaps not these sweet greens.
Top to bottom: Orange, Asparagus, Pear, Mango
Mmmmm. Food-themed colours. I will add them to my stash and know that one day I will be grateful for the addition of these solids! If I had picked some colours for the bundle, though, I might have used a picture like this:

And then chosen colours like this (from the Sew Sisters site, even):




What do you think? Did I do a better job than the orange and green from this month's picture?

And as a bonus, here is a picture of my baby trying to eat a pumpkin.

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  1. I was so happy to get my October package in the mail before you posted! :) I don't know what's going on with the Sew Sisters gals... it seems like they keep sending packs with colours you can barely tell apart. I feel like I only got 2 FQs in this bundle. A yellow would have worked, as would a super dark grey, like Pepper. Clearly, they need us to pick a couple bundles for them! :)