Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 Wrap Up

What a year. For the first seven months of 2014 I was home with my new daughter, foolishly optimistic about the additional time I would have to do quilting. Alas, my older daughter also insisted on things like being fed and having clean laundry, so I did not get as much time as I would have wished.

If I visit my plan from in January as to what I wanted to get done this year, I discover this:

-Indian Summer Quilt for new baby CHECK! This was a pleasure to finish for my wee baby and was the background for many photo shoots!
-Work on SBC blocks from 2013 CHECK! I got all the blocks done. And the binding made. Still need to make all the sashing, though.
-Rainbow wall hanging quilt for new baby CHECK! Colour Collage was actually the first quilt finish of 2014.
-Cat quilt along blocks Nope. Didn't touch even one.
-Baby quilt for my friend K who is expecting a little boy in April CHECK! Arrows in Flight was made for this sweet little boy.
-Architextures Quilt for my dad. Finally. I should start this one early to make sure it gets done! CHECK! I made Tranquility and delivered it to him for his birthday. And he loves it!
-December: Red and white quilt for my husband's step-grandmother (hard to explain, but she is so lovely and I want to make her one). CHECK! I made Candy Cane and delivered it on Sunday to Nana!
-Pink and green quilt for the twins' older sister, M CHECK! Dollhouses.
-Star Wars quilt for a little boy turning 9 this year CHECK! The Dark Side was a serious hit. His uncle was jealous, actually.

Other projects, if I can:
  • I bought some soft books from Jo Ann's that I want to try to make for a few babies I know Well, I made one. So I will count that as a check.
  • I want to make a pillow for the baby's room and some for the new pull-out sofa bed in my guest room I did this one, too. I love the matchstick quilting and the colours and learned about scale.
  • I plan to make my daughter's SK teacher a book bag for June as a thank you gift (and fill it with some books!) I did make her a bag. And a story pillow. And two crayon roll ups for her young sons. That is a win!
Looking back, I was remarkably productive this year and accomplished most of my list. 
Quilts from top middle, clockwise: Candy Cane, Chandelier, Seeing Spots, Arrows in Flight, Addition, Stone Arrow, Dollhouses, The Dark Side, Summer Dream, Tranquility, Colour Collage, Blueberry Orange Parfait
I made a total of 12 quilts this year even with a new baby in the house. I also made lots of crayon and marker roll ups for my daughter's sixth birthday party and several other small projects (like a mini quilt and a yoga bag) so I am feeling pretty good about this reflection!

Hopefully I can get even more done in the new year. I learned so much and enjoyed quilting so much this year and I think that as my skills improve my enjoyment also improves. Hooray for a great 2014 and here's to a great 2015!

Happy New Year!


P.S. I just went back through my blog and, true to form, I forgot two quilts. So I made 14 quilts this year! Mint Julep and Monkey Business:


  1. Isn't is a great feeling seeing those check marks? Congrats on your productivity especially with little ones to care for. I share your taste in quilts and really, really like your round color wheel graphic way of showing those quilts all at once. How'd you do that? I think your stone arrow grey series for the brothers is my favorite - and I am a color person mostly. Summary blog posts are fun and rewarding. I start generating mine in January, keep it a draft, and add to it throughout the year with each completion. Even if no one else looks at it I am glad it is there for me.

  2. So many lovely finishes for you in 2014! Well done! I think I'll keep a running tally this year... I can never remember what I've done when it comes to year end!