Sunday 29 November 2015

Swoon: A Finished Quilt

At last. Finished. This was started in the summer of 2014 with a group of friends, all of whom also took on the Swoon pattern by Camille Roskelley. My friend A finished her quilt, six identical swoon blocks (in the same fabrics) for her niece, very quickly. I'm not sure where C is with her Swoon quilt, but I think the top is done. I'm pretty sure K stopped at two blocks, and CW made two or three blocks which she comes back to every now and then.

For me the Swoon was great practice with flying geese and colour value. It sat as an almost finished quilt top for ages because I had added the sashing but didn't want to put on the borders. That is so boring!

I decided to finally light the fire and get my (unoriginally-named) Swoon finished.

Here it is! (Note that taking pictures of such a giant quilt is HARD!):
Here it is in all it's glory. Technically it is sideways here (the quilting actually goes vertically) but my husband was holding it up and his arms were getting tired so I didn't push my luck!

This is the back. That strip goes vertically in real life. Those are HSTs I made using the trim off from the Swoon blocks. I love the impact.
 Sorry, but I felt the need to capture each block in a picture because they each shine in a different way. It would be really hard to choose my favourite one. All the blocks are made with Tula Pink Foxfield, the first line of Tula's that really captured my heart. The background is Kona Steel (at least I think so. It has been a very long time since I bought it! Maybe it is actually Ash? Opinion, Jenn from @Quarter Inch From the colour card is missing) It is a lovely light grey.

This one might be my favourite. And I'm not even a pink kind of girl!

This one also delights me. This green and aqua combo is awesome.

Swoon will be the first quilt in a very long time that I'm actually keeping. It fits my bed nicely, but has been getting lots of use in the living room (which is ridiculous because it is so huge...I need to get to making that Alison Glass throw quilt!)

I used a Cotton+Steel print in aqua and because of the way I cut it there is lots of movement (visually) in the binding.

A shot of the HSTs from the back. The main print is an Art Gallery print I picked up from the Modernology line ages ago when it was on clearance at Sew Sisters. I love how the combo really goes with Foxfield.

This quilt is far from perfect. I lost many points and the alignment is not so aligned. But I got it done, and I'm using it and loving it and I think that is much better than being stuck on how to quilt it or how to make it perfect. I love it!



  1. Love it!! You did a great job. It would be hard to choose a favourite block -- great fabric choices.

  2. Your colour card is missing? What?! Have you called the police? The grey doesn't seem to have the yellow undertone of Ash. Might it be Silver or Shadow? I don't normally get all hot under the collar for Tula Pink prints, but this use of them is right up my alley. I can see why you can't pick a favourite block. It's a lovely finish! Well done!