Monday 9 May 2016


If you have not been made aware, there has been a massive fire burning in Northern Alberta here in Canada that managed to grow so large and out of control that the city of Fort McMurray (80,000 people) had to be evacuated in a very short time period. Much of the city is in total ashes. Beloved pets have been lost as the emergency nature of the situation meant some people had to leave from wherever they were in the city and couldn't go home. 

Despite the horrific destruction, no lives have been lost. And people are rallying around the residents of Fort McMurray to support them. Part of this is a movement among quilters (mostly Canadian, but many international) to send quilt blocks to make quilts for the residents upon their return (Though some may never return. The devastation has been that complete).

If you would like to make some blocks, this is the information and this is the tutorial. I will be sending five blocks and quilty friends A and C have each made 6 blocks (we will send ours in one big package). Otherwise if you would consider donating to the Red Cross, please do. These people will need a lot of support. (Two babies were born at the evacuation centers- can you imagine??)
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  1. These look fabulous. I'm blogging about the same thing.

  2. Your blocks are awesome!!! I sent 8 in the mail today. I can't imagine what all those people have been through and how anxious they must feel about their future. It is amazing how our entire country is supporting them in so many different ways!