Monday 4 July 2016

Successful Sewtogether

As the year was wrapping up (the school year, that is) I wanted to make a gift for the grade two teacher I had been supporting all year (I am an Instructional Coach) to thank her for being such an amazing collaborator (and now friend!).

She is an incredible dresser, gorgeous and classy, and I wanted to make something that would fit her aesthetic. I thought immediately of the Sew Together Bag, which, if you have been living under a rock, is one of THE patterns that everyone with a blog or Instagram who sews has made or wants to make. I bought the pattern ages and ages ago but this was my push to actually MAKE one. And the timelines were tight.

I picked fabrics from my stash, starting with the outer lining as the inspiration fabric because it seemed so...her. (Honeymoon by C+S)

I then used this super delicious mint Pearl Bracelet fabric for the main lining.

Here are some in progress shots:
Adding all those inner zippers was a bit scary. But carefully following the instructions really, really helped. Plus my zipper foot.

After sewing it together it looked so cool from the bottom.

This is when it started to take shape. I squealed in delight. The linings are all from Cotton+Steel's Macrame line.
Admittedly this was a push for my skills. I think that is a really good thing. I don't think I would have been as successful had it not been for two things:

1. Quilty Friend C. She has made five of these (if not more) so I would text her with questions. She was awesome. Thanks C!

2. The sew-along steps from The Quilt Barn. Honestly, these step by step pictures helped me IMMENSELY. Especially when I got to the VERY tricky outside zipper.
Thank goodness for my Clover Clips because this bag business is a bit tricky!
C warned me that the really bulky seams in places might be tricky, so I was very careful. Really, though, my Janome 6600 was a dream. It didn't hesitate on all those thick spots (and I made sure to use a new needle so it was super sharp!)

Here is the finished product!
Ta da! This print from Honeymoon by C+S is so perfect.

The inside...

The linings in each pocket.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It was hard to give away, I'm not going to lie. But she also LOVED it and I think it was to her taste so that made me feel great. I'm already plotting my next four bags. Ha! Time to buy some more zippers!


  1. Excellent work! It looks so fantastic that I kinda covet it

  2. Now that you're an expert... will you make me one? :)