Friday 9 September 2016

Sew Together For A Friend

After completing my first Sew Together Bag, I knew I would be making several more, including for myself. When quilty and bloggy friend Jenn at A Quarter Inch from the Edge commented on my Instagram picture that she sure wished I would make her one, I knew I needed to move hers up my priority list. Considering she has some significant changes in her life right now I thought a Sew Together Bag would be a nice reminder that the world is a wonderful place.

I selected fabrics I love because we have very similar tastes. I knew this Carolyn Friedlander print would be perfect for the lining, and the Lizzy House Mini Pearl Bracelets, Alison Glass and Heather Bailey all worked really well with the outer fabric, a Washi print that I think Jenn commented she loved about three(?) years ago.
This stage is always so satisfying!
Here is the finished bag:
Isn't that a fun print? And an Alison Glass for the binding too. I'm running low on those arrows and will be sad when they're all gone.

Look at all those pockets!
I really need to prioritize my Sew Together bag next!
The end result was a bag that surprised her and that she loved. Well worth the effort to both construct it and pick the perfect fabrics for her.

Now if only I could find even five minutes to sew these days...


  1. Excellent work! Don't forget to sew yourself one

  2. Awesome bag! And you picked fabrics that Jenn loves. Well done.