Friday 30 June 2017

Crawlers: A Finished Quilt

A co-worker is expecting her first child this August and she knows she's having a little boy. While combing through my stash I came across some hoarded Backyard Baby fabric and decided to use it, in combination with a few other prints, to make a quilt for this new baby boy.

Here is Crawlers:

It is hard to see with this picture but those are bugs in jars, and ants in ant mazes, and snails, and birch trees, and a collection of creepy crawlers. 
Perhaps easier to see the prints in this shot.

The back is mostly this woodgrain fabric from Joel Dewberry plus what was left of the birch trees and the bugs in jars. The binding is a mix of solid grey and a grey-on-grey I've had for ages and I have no ideas from where.
I gifted it to the mom today and she said she thought it was beautiful. I hope her baby boy loves it too!

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