Tuesday 1 January 2019

2019 Goals

So what are my plans for 2019? Last year I managed to accomplish every. single. goal. Wow! I am impressed with that. Maybe I can do the same in 2019!

Here are my goals:

1) Finish my Summer Sampler 2018. The top is all finished and I have the batting. I just need to buy some backing (7 yards of it!) and it is already spoken for. My mom hinted very strongly that she sure would like this one. So to Mom it goes!

2) Finish my Polaroid quilt. This top is made, and so is the backing. It is one of the one I will be basting at my friend A's house this week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and it isn't going anywhere. (Except nowhere near the dog).

3) Finish the quilt I started for my older daughter's teacher as her year end gift (end of June). The top and backing are made. This will be basted on Thursday.
4) Finish the quilt my now-10-year-old made when she was seven so I can donate it. It is quite the colour combination but she has lost total interest and with very little work it can be finished and donated.
5) Make a Stack quilt for my younger daughter's ECE. I haven't picked the fabric yet but I am dying to make a Stack quilt so I am excited. 
6) Make a Banner Year quilt for my younger daughter's Junior Kindergarten teacher. I haven't pulled this fabric yet either, but there is so much potential.
7) Make a Meadowland quilt for my best friend who is getting married in September. I have a fabric pull for it but I think I need to beef it up some more. Stay tuned for progress on this one!
8) Speaking of that wedding, I need to make about 70 fabric succulent pots for her wedding favours. Yikes! Wish me luck!

9) I have a whole bunch of Lizzy House fabric squares all cut. I want to add the newest Constellations fabric and then make a basic patchwork Lizzy House quilt with each square being different!

10) I have a bunch of red and white HSTs ready to sew into a baby quilt to donate.

11) I also have a bunch of turquoise and grey HSTs to sew into a baby quilt, also to donate.

12) I have assigned myself a BOM using the Doctor Who pattern from Quiet Play and A Joyful Fox. I will make one doctor a month (and hopefully she will make a Thirteenth Doctor before 2019 is out!)
13) I won a bunch of book cover blocks at West End Modern Quilt guild and had already cut fabric to make a ton more for a book quilt for my uncle.
14) Speaking of West End Modern Quilt guild, they are doing a BOM too, so I will participate in that. I'm hoping to do it in 100% scraps (with the exception of the background fabric).

15) A Sew Together bag for my mom. She saw the one I made for my MIL and commented on how much she liked it. I am thinking for her birthday in May.

And those are my goals! I think they are achievable, though I need to find a way to baste in my own house. Oh, which I guess brings me to:

16) Repair the three quilts my dumb dog damaged. Already almost done repairing my Christmas tree quilt. The one I made my husband for our anniversary is a much more serious case. And my quilt made of tiny text fabric squares just needs a binding repair. Note: Puppies and quilts do not mix! 


  1. Congratulations on achieving all your goals. Good luck with your new goals. They are all great projects.

  2. Good luck! You always get so much done in a year!