Saturday 2 November 2013

Don't Let the Pigeon Do Any Quilting

My ridiculous work schedule does not have any signs of easing up before I go on maternity leave in December, which means little-to-no sewing time around here. And yet I have so many quilts I want to get done ASAP! (At least before Christmas!)

Top of the list is getting those twin quilts done. I finished the two tops today and hope to get the backing made and them both basted tonight. With hubby out of town overnight I often get more done (once the kiddlet is in bed, mind you).

But I did get one sewing project that has been on my To Do list DONE last weekend. My daughter saw the Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus fabric online and flipped out. She begged me to buy some and sew her something. I decided pillowcases made a lot of sense, and I bought the fabric. Months ago.

Here is the finished product!
The bottom case is made with a cheater print. The top one is mostly Pigeon-with-attitude with a different fabric for the piping and the cuff of the pillowcase.
 Here is a close up to show you how nice the piping and cuff look. All french seams (so no raw edges) using the tutorial from Film in the Fridge. I've now used this tutorial about five times, and it never fails to produce great results.
The kiddo loves the pillowcases and I am so pleased I got around to actually making her something she's been asking for. Now I hope to get those twin quilts done soon!



  1. The pillowcases look great :D Sometimes those small projects are nice just because you can get them done quickly and you feel so accomplished for finishing something entirely~

  2. I love the pigeon fabric (loved the books as well!) and thanks for the tutorial link. I have a different patten for making pillowcases, but I'm looking forward to trying this one.