Sunday 10 November 2013

Machine Woes

I finally, finally got some serious quilting time in this weekend. Those quilts for the twins having been calling to me and I managed to get the boy quilt totally quilted, trimmed and threads buried. Hooray! Then I got to work doing a much simpler FMQ all-over meandering stipple on the girl quilt. I was flying. I got 90% done when...


My machine ground to a slow stop. The wheel is super tight. It feels like it needs to be lubed. I have never opened my machine before and though I have machine oil (I do like to be prepared- must be my Girl Guide background) I am nervous to try to lube the wheel myself!!

The top quilt is ready to add binding. The bottom quilt is 90% done. Darn machine!

What really bothers me is that I have never had trouble like this before in the three years I have owned my sturdy Brother. I recently had it cleaned and serviced and two months later it grinds to a halt? Surely he greased the wheel thoroughly? I am wondering if my marathon of fmq-ing over the last two days did it in. But should it have?

So...on advice from a quilty friend I am going to watch a You Tube video and give oiling the machine a shot. I am nervous. But first I am going to jump into some cutting and fabric play to work up my nerve!

Have any of you ever "serviced" your own machine? Any tips?


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