Saturday 24 May 2014

Aviatrix Medallion: A Tale of Peer Pressure

There are tons of medallion quilts that pop up across the quilting blogosphere and on Instagram. I admire the detail and then scroll on by. I have never been tempted to make a medallion quilt before- not ever.

Then Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson! posted her Aviatrix Medallion quilt and my mouth dropped open.

Here is a picture I took from her site:

This quilt speaks to me. It is all solids- Kona solids, actually. It has a mostly grey background. It is absolutely stunning and I knew I had to make it. The pattern was on sale when she first released it so I bought it knowing that some day I would get to it (probably not this year or even the next!).

Then that peer pressure came my way thanks to my friend C who posted on Instagram that she had pulled the fabrics for her Aviatrix Medallion. She challenged me to go next. And so, on Mother's Day when I had the house to myself for a few hours (thanks to my awesome hubby), I hauled out my Kona solids, my Kona colour card and the pattern and got to work pulling.
Part way through I realized I had a whole bin of Kona solids that were 1/2 yard cuts and weren't with my fat quarters so I started all over again. 
All these Kona solids in the bin had to be considered!
And when I was through I was happy. I chose many of the solids that she used in her quilt but not exactly (mostly because I didn't have several of them). I went with ones that I thought worked well. My only gap was the peachy range of fabrics. She uses Peach and Mango. I had neither (until I got my Kona Solids for May from Sew Sisters!). 
This stack of solids is now sitting next to my sewing table dining room table and calling to me.
I know this quilt will be very hard. My friend A has already made suggestions for paper piecing the centre rather than using the template because of all the bias edges. I want to love it when I'm through and so I don't want to settle on that darn Mango colour. I will find it before I start!



  1. This looks like such an amazing quilt. I love the colors you've pulled for it. Can't wait to see its progress.

  2. Did you paper piece the center? I just purchased the pattern and wondered about piecing it.