Thursday 15 May 2014

Crayon Roll Up Addiction

With a new baby, sometimes I am "trapped" for a long time because the baby is asleep on me or eating or such and so I spend time scrolling about thinking about quilting and sewing more than I do actually quilting or sewing.

Pinterest is particularly addictive for me as a quilter, and I came across the cutest tutorial for a Crayon Roll Up from Kutz Paper Scissors that I wanted to jump on right away.

I've now made seven. Seriously, these are addictive and fast.
This is one of two destined for my daughter's teacher's sons.
My older daughter initially was not all that interested...until she saw a few finished ones and decided maybe she needed one after all. I promptly took her to my stash and told her to pick whatever she wanted. Suddenly she determined she needed two because there were too many choices! (I so, so understand).
Here are my daughter's roll ups. One for my purse and one for hers, so I'm told.
And I had to pull out some chevrons, spaceships and lions to put together these two rolls for my friend's two sons.
Here they are for two little brothers just waiting for me to add the crayons.
I've also made one for my sweet nephew, a friend's little girl who loves horses and for the neighbour's daughter as a "big sister" gift to accompany the quilt I'm making for her new baby brother when he arrives in August. I told you...these are addictive!

I've already stocked up on more ribbon so I can make more and I'm contemplating making one for each child in my daughter's senior kindergarten class as a year end gift but that might be crazy. Right? What do you think? 22 children and about 15 minutes per roll up...

Should I do it?


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  1. These are awesome...I made one of these for my granddaughter, also made an apron for her and made slots for her crayola twistables...dang but she looked adorable in it!