Monday 30 June 2014

June Kona Solids

The inspiration photo that came with the June solids for my Sew Sisters solids of the month is certainly appropriate for wedding season.

Pretty bridal bouquet.
Unfortunately I hate these colours. Especially together. These are my anti-colours. Give me four shades of grey, or blues, or greens or pretty much anything besides these soft, girly colours. Barf.

Left to right: Petunia, Oyster, Honey Dew, Peony
In particular I hate the sickly sweet Honey Dew. Yuck. I may never use these colours, but you never know! Jenn at Quarter Inch from the Edge does these awesome solid colour strip quilts so maybe they will work in one of those quilts one day. 

Here's hoping for a turquoise-y July!


1 comment:

  1. I was underwhelmed when I opened this envelope too. They've been in the house for over a week and I haven't even washed them yet. Maybe you'll feel better about these if you break them up and put them with like colours. Say, the Honey Dew with your greens instead of with the other pastels! Thanks for the shout-out.