Wednesday 2 July 2014

Another Bolt Already?

I feel like I should be in a ten step program for my fabric addiction.

I ran out of Kona White (or, rather, I had less than a yard left of Kona White and I needed at least five more yards in the next couple of weeks). I bought a bolt for the first time a few months ago and I'm sort of shocked I went through it that fast. I mean, come on.

I ordered it from a LQS, Greenwood Quiltery, who was able to get it lickety split. This necessitated a trip out to pick up my Kona and indulge in some fabric petting. Oh, and buying. Because apparently I can't just look at fabric.
They had Lotus Pond on display at the front. This is why I love this shop- they have really new stuff as it is in season, something very hard to find in Ontario.

They also had Leah Duncan's Meadow which I had been eyeing. I bought some of the greens because GORGEOUS.
I also made a beeline for their remnant wall where there can be great deals.
Before reading further, can you guess what I went straight for?
I bought some delicious Amy Butler for my quilty friend C. It is so her. It was waiting for her that day, I swear.
Soul Blossoms. Bright and beautiful.
And if you guessed I grabbed that on sale remnant of Pearl Bracelets you would be right! I also bought a few other things...
Some white on white that is crisp white enough to finish my red and white quilt. That navy deliciousness was in the clearance section for $7/metre. I bought the bright pink Squared Elements as the binding for the quilt my friend's mother is making my youngest daughter, and those Pearl Bracelets wanted to come home with me. I already have plans for it (just waiting to find out the sex of some babies!)
I also loved these Fort Firefly organic prints:
They are so sweet. Those fireflies!
I also grabbed some fat quarters. Many of them were in the $2 bin. How could I resist? I have plans for those pinks (again, waiting to here sex announcements from two different people).
I also grabbed some more navy prints because I can't seem to get enough navy lately.
I sent this shot via text to quilty friend C. She asked if I had cleared out the store. I countered that I thought I showed great restraint!
Stacks of fabric=happiness
I feel like I need a sign that says "I haven't bought fabric in ____ days" and every time I fall off the wagon the count goes back to zero. I think zero would show up a lot. Yikes.

Oh, and I got my bolt of Kona White. And some white Aurafil. And some new 80/12 Microtex needles (they're the best).

Now back to sewing!


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  1. I think you showed a fair level of restraint, given how many delicious things there were on display. Wish your LQS was closer to me... I would love to shop there. I totally understand about the bolt of Kona white. Where does that stuff go? I think fabric gremlins must eat bits of it while we sleep... mind you, they trim it off with the rotary cutter so we don't notice. :)

    P.S And I would have snagged that Pearl Bracelet too!