Friday 4 July 2014

And Then I Cut Some More

This is an Avitatrix Medallion update.

I had some time the other day because my oldest was first at a sleepover at Grandma's and then at school. I took over our kitchen table (so both the dining room table and kitchen table were now sewing tables) and I had the iron set up in the living room. Thank goodness for supportive husbands.

I managed to get all the oranges cut in one day. This was a miracle.
About the tackle the greens.
The cuttings for this quilt are pretty gorgeous. I think the quilt will be so beautiful that I won't want to stop looking at it!
So pretty! Each colour family addition made it more rainbow-licious.
And after two days of dedication, I did it! I finished the coloured fat quarters!
This is the stack of Template 1s all ready to sew!
I still have 288 (or something like that) Template 1s to cut and all the white and background grey. And then real actual sewing can start!

I can almost taste the cutting finish line...


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  1. Glorious colours! Don't you just love brilliantly coloured trimmings? I find myself wanting to keep them... fabric dork that I am. Thank goodness for blogs where we can take pics of them instead!