Friday 13 February 2015

Sunset in the Woods: A Finished Quilt

One of my many baby quilts is finished. This was made for a lovely friend who welcomed her second daughter earlier than expected. As a result I got to deliver the quilt to the wee babe when I met her for the first time at three weeks old. She is precious and beautiful and this quilt suits her perfectly.

I decided to use some of my Brambleberry Ridge fabric, a line which I totally love and have been sort of hoarding. I knew this was the right project for it, but it was still hard to say goodbye to some of those prints!

My favourite part is all the gold that is throughout the various fabrics. 

Here is Sunset in the Woods:

The pattern is simple and highlights the beautiful Violet Craft fabric. I altered the pattern a bit by adding the white border to make it a better size for baby.

This was my favourite print and the one I'll miss the most. As you can see, I straight-line quilted through all the blocks diagonally (right to left) and did less dense quilting diagonally (left to right) to catch every block at least once.

See here with some snow, I used Chocolate Pearl Bracelets on the back. The mom LOVED the backing.

I pieced the back(with no attention to matching it up) to make the most out of the fabric I had.

I used the coral/pink fabric that I've had in my stash for four years with no plan for it. I think it worked perfectly for the binding!
The mom totally loved the quilt (so did her husband and her mom) and I was so thrilled to get to cuddle with the tiny baby girl whom this quilt was made for!

By the way, have you been thinking about your entry to the Curate Your Own Bundle contest, hosted as a linkup over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge? Find an inspiration photograph and then either using software or your stash, curate a bundle of Konas to match! There are two giveaways, one from me and one from Jenn, so get your entry in there!

If you don't have a huge Kona stash this software is addictive so try one of these instead. Here is one that Never Just Jennifer made:

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  1. Another beauty. Nicely done.

  2. I love how this one turned out... I'd have had a hard time parting with some of those sweet prints too. But baby girls need quilts, right?

    Wheee! Just one more sleep 'til the Kona link-up!

  3. Awww such a sweet little quilt! Isn't it fun to deliver a quilt to a brand new baby? Especially if you get some cuddles in :)

  4. Great finish! What pattern did you use? Very nice.

  5. Lynn, you thought of the perfect way to use that beautiful fabric! It will be treasured forever!

  6. This is a great pattern to highlight favorite fabric. Well done! And of course they loved it!