Sunday 1 February 2015

Kona Solids: You Be the Curator CHALLENGE

Jenn at At Quarter Inch from the Edge and I often chat back and forth via email about what we're up to with our quilting. We both love Kona solids and we both have (or had as is now the case) a subscription to a monthly Kona club. I have been vocal lately about not loving their choices and Jenn and I both lamented that we should be guest curators.

Then she came up with the awesome idea of doing a challenge with a link up for people who follow us to put together Kona bundles using an inspiration photograph. You can do so by pulling out Kona from your stash, if you have one (how could you not? Mine takes up two bins!) and take a picture of the selections with the photograph. If you don't have a stash to draw from, she even found this genius program called Palette Builder 2.1 by Play Crafts that allows you to upload a photograph (try using CC Search to ensure you are not violating copyright- stealing from photographers is not cool) and then it matches it with Kona solids. Brilliant!

Here is my first attempt (and I'm now addicted to this site, thanks Jenn). I chose a night skyline shot of Toronto (close to where I live). I'm loving how these blues and that one bright pink work together!

Submit your photograph to Jenn's link up on February 14th. She has even put together a Kona prize for one winner. I am also going to cough up a Kona surprise, randomly choosing an additional winner from the submissions on Jenn's blog! Be sure to enter and show some Kona solid love! Neither of us are in any way sponsored by Kona, we just love to work with them!
So? Are you in?