Wednesday 13 May 2015

There's No Such Thing as Too Much Fabric

I made a commitment to try to sew from my stash, and honestly I'm doing pretty well. What I've discovered, however, is that if I really, really love a line of fabric it can't do much harm to order it. When the drool starts and it isn't a "well, it is on sale" purchase, then my excitement about the yummy packages makes it totally worth it.

That was how I felt about Natural History by Lizzy House. I already love Lizzy House (my love of Pearl Bracelets is quite well documented) and I had to have it. And when my friend C found a sale on pre-orders at The Intrepid Thread, well I had to throw this in the cart. When it arrived I was freaking out. This line is GORGEOUS. I love it. Totally worth a splurge.
Such a delicious mix of scale and pattern.

My favourite colourway is the emerald, to be sure. I have been into emerald lately and these are so yummy I want to frame them.
I think, however, that my favourite print might be these purple dinosaurs. The purple is just right- not too lavender-y and not too royal purple. The design itself is so awesome. This will be turning up in quilts in my near future!
So cute! I love her design sense.
Also, my very smart husband took my not-at-all-subtle hint that the number one thing I wanted for Mother's Day was a bundle of mini Pearl Bracelets. And he took note! Check it out:
By far my favourite is the Dragonfly colour (teal colour, second from the top on the left) but the whole bunch is AMAZING. They are such a fun scale.
I also have been trying to fit in some sewing. This is on top of my husband being away for ten days in Maine (golfing with his brothers and dad, so don't feel sorry for him) and the fact that I am on strike at work so I am doing strange hours with long walks as I picket on behalf of the teaching and learning conditions for secondary students in Ontario. This quilt top is in progress for a co-worker who had his second child, a little boy, in March. Yep, I'm behind. I'll post more about this quilt top soon, I hope!
Quilt top, using my new favourite baby quilt pattern from Quilty magazine.
Wish me a resolution at work and some sewing time at home, now that hubby is home!



  1. Great Mother's Day gift! Love the Quilty pattern. I think I need to get it. Good luck with the strike and hope things work out.

  2. Very lovely fabrics. It's good to replenish the stash with fabrics you love. Hope you get everything with work sorted out soon.

  3. Okay... just stop it. I've been beating myself up over excessive fabric purchases recently and have sworn (again and again) to sew from my stash. But these two fabric lines have been tempting me... like I've already put them in (and taken them out of) on-line shopping carts... multiple times. Then you go and show me lovely pictures of them. ARGGGGHHHH!!! I am getting in the car and driving to your house to steal them. Technically, I wouldn't have bought them.

    P.S. Just kidding... the kiddos are likely to wake up any minute and I'm too scared to drive an hour with them, let alone a third of the way across the country! ☺