Saturday 30 May 2015

My Co-Workers Need Less Productive Hobbies

It seems lately that all I make are baby quilts. That is because everyone I know, apparently, has decided to get pregnant. I thought I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and then a whole new bunch of babies got announced. Figures.

One such upcoming baby is due in August to our neighbours. This will be their fifth(!) boy. Holy cow. It seems like yesterday I was making a quilt for their youngest!

The real issue, however, is that my co-workers need new hobbies. It wouldn't be such an issue if these weren't people I felt close enough to to make them a quilt (I do have lots of co-workers because of my job) but these are people I like or even love and so I have more baby quilts on the To Do list!

Expecting her first baby in July is a friend who started her career with me. I was her mentor during her first two years of teaching and we have remained friends ever since. Of course to make matters more difficult, baby did not cooperate on the ultrasound and she has no idea if she is expecting a boy or girl. Grrrrrrr. I picked the bundle pictured below to make the quilt. I totally love this combo and might want to keep the quilt for myself when it is finished! Now I just need a pattern. Suggestions?
Some Allison Glass feathers in Teal, some Lizzy House cats (they are crazy cat people), some Tula Pink...I just love these colours and patterns together!
Next up is a co-worker who is expecting a little boy in August. This was a total surprise miracle baby as she was told she would never have children, then managed to conceive a daughter against all odds eight years ago and now, again, another "shouldn't be possible" baby is on the way. Such an amazing story! Her colours for her nursery are grey, navy and white with a touch of red. I'm making a tumbler quilt because it is quite quick, beautiful, and I think will fit her style well. I've already started the pull for this quilt. I've decided to avoid red in the quilt top and to bind in red instead. I think the effect will be awesome!
Navy and grey. Awesome colours. It was hard to cut into my Arizona!
Then another co-worker is expecting for the first time. She is a lovely, kind woman who just got married in January and will now be greeting TWINS in late September. TWINS. Seriously. This is the second close co-worker in two years to conceive TWINS. Did I mention I have to make TWO QUILTS AGAIN? It is a good thing she is so darn loveable! She should find out the sex of the babies on Monday, so I am waiting to hear before I start pulling fabric.

So, as I said. my co-workers need new hobbies. Bowling? Crochet? Pottery? Something that doesn't result in so many babies!!! :)


  1. Your co-workers are keeping you on your toes!!! I always find it hard to decide on a pattern from a fabric pull! Although I must say that a Pinwheel Quilt is always fun!

  2. Maybe they're just making babies so you'll keep making quilts... all the cool kids have them! ☺Those fabric pulls are amazing. But seriously, you are so generous making all these baby quilts. Every baby needs a quilt.. thank goodness these babies have you in their little lives!

  3. Love the teal pile. You seem to have an overabundance of babies in your circle. Kudos for making quilts for them all. Hope you have a good week.