Monday 1 June 2015

Polaroid Power

Jenn over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge is a prolific sewer and we have become bloggy long-distance friends. She was putting together a Polaroid quilt for her baby son and suggested we make and swap some blocks. I have always wanted to make one, with the idea of it being for my own youngest daughter, so I jumped on the chance (though the quilt itself is down the list for now). 

We used a tutorial for making the blocks that made the whole thing really quite easy, though the fussy cutting was the most fun AND the most tedious part of it.
The fussy cut blocks are 2.5" squares and what you see here is 1" strips on either side waiting to be trimmed and pressed.
We were supposed to make 10 and swap but I had some much fun that I made just a few more for Jenn. 
Jenn's blocks to be sent in the mail.
It is hard to choose a favourite but these are three that I particularly loved:
Laurie Wisbrun llamas wearing hats.
This sweet little boy (for my own blocks I cut out the little girl from this print!)
This adorable snake in a jar.
Then I waited (not so) patiently for my blocks to arrive. And I was not disappointed! Look at my haul! (Jenn went overboard for me, too, so I guess I'm not the only one!).
I think my favourite is that awesome Octopus on the pink background. LOVE.
Then Jenn contacted me to say she was doing a Polaroid swap at her guild and one of the participants was unable to make 10 blocks for someone else because she had just had a baby. She wanted to know if I would mind making 10 more to send out to the swap person so she could still get some new ones. Challenge accepted! So I whipped up some more blocks (and, honestly, loved some of these so much I had to make some for Jenn and send her a few more, like those Lizzy House dinosaurs).
I slipped some different ones in here for this swap person including an Ann Kelle which Jenn and I had said we would not use for each other since we both have lots in our stash.

Now I'm waiting for 10 more to arrive on my doorstop from my new swap partner. So. Much. Fun. I really must get into some sort of Modern Bee because making these for someone else and receiving my own was awesome!


  1. I love the llama. I agree about joining an online bee...I'm so envious of the all blocks Jenn gets in the mail.

  2. Is it wrong that I enjoy reading posts that mention me? Ack. Such a narcissist! Thank you so much for my blocks... I'll be sending your second bundle along soon. I do love that llama. He rocks. Maybe we should start an on-line bee.... I don't have any on the go right now. I bet Anja'd be in!