Friday 5 June 2015

Sweet Blossom: A Finished Quilt

We have recently had the fortunate of gaining two couples as new friends and the one couple, K & J, are expecting their first child, a little girl, this summer. As soon as her husband learned that I quilted he immediately asked if he could order one to surprise his wife. I turned him down, of course, because I don't do commissions but also because I had already started a quilt for her weeks earlier when I found out she was expecting. Tee hee.

Then the wife discovered I quilt and saw two I had made for mutual friends and begged me to make her one. Again, I was mean and said no. Meanwhile her quilt top was already at home, sitting on my ironing board.

It was so pleased to be able to surprise them with this quilt, made in the same colours as her nursery. This is Sweet Blossom, made mostly with Brambleberry Ridge and, lacking originality, using the same pattern I used for Sunset in the Woods. So sue me.
It is very hard to capture the true colours on this quilt. The purple is so soft and light and the greys are also very soft so the whole thing looks washed out in photographs.

The gold in the fabric adds this subtle shimmer that I love.

The back is mostly a grey I've had in my stash for years with a strip of mini Pearl Bracelets in a light lilac and a strip of Carolyn Friedlander Architextures white on white print.

I did free motion stippling in Aurafil white all over. It was not my best work- I think I'm a bit rusty from months off from FMQ practice- but it looks pretty from afar! It is bound in my favourite Art Gallery Squared Elements fabric.

I'm glad I could do something nice for this couple and still stick with my "no commissions" rule!

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  1. A lovely restful colour scheme for a new baby. I am sure the delight at receiving it will replace any earlier disappointment.

  2. Lovely quilt made with much loving kindness!

  3. A lovely little finish with a soft, comforting palette. I can't believe you strung those poor people along like that! You can send your commission requests my way! :)
    BTW you do not lack originality. Anyone could see that from your fabric pulls. It's just that you have so many baby quilts to make that you can't waste time auditioning patterns too!

  4. Sneaky! I love doing surprises and you obviously do too! Great work! And there is nothing wrong with repeating a pattern - we all have our favourites and, if we use a known pattern, there is nothing better than a quick finish (so we can get onto the next project!)

  5. How did you turn them down with a straight face? They are going to be so surprised. Do you have a particular reason for not doing commissions?