Tuesday 14 July 2015


I am in my new house and boy, moving is much more difficult when you have two little "helpers." Not much progress has been made in the sewing room but oh, the possibilities! To go from sewing primarily in my dining room which was the first room you saw when you entered my house, and which needed to be disassembled for every family meal/event, to having my own sewing room? I'm in heaven already!

The baby was in a mood the other day and so during her nap I unpacked some of my fabric onto my shelves, as you can see in the corner. That was my "if I can play with fabric I can destress from a fussy baby" fix. Only about 1/3 of the sewing stuff is actually in the sewing room right now (the rest is in bins and boxes in either the garage or the basement) but most of my fabric is in this pretty new home (though not in this picture. I assure you, the stash is much larger and more ridiculous than those pretty, neat shelves).
My machine is not even in this shot because I took the move as a good chance to take it in to be cleaned.
The room is painted a really light, neutral grey (Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore if you want to know) because I figure that the room will be full of colour from my quilts. But the closet I decided to have fun with and painted it (well, had the painters paint it) Florida Keys Blue which is this fun teal colour that makes the inside of the closet so much more interesting.
And the closet is pretty empty right now. I am positive that will change!
While sorting through and unpacking fabrics, I found a few bundles I had curated for future projects that I felt needed to be added back into general circulation. One example is this Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet combo. For some reason this colour combination was just calling my name but it has been awhile and it doesn't sing to me like it used to. I would rather use these Pearl Bracelets in other quilts so they got added back into the main stash. I figured snapping a picture would preserve the vision, if I ever desperately wanted to recreate it!
Oh, how I love Pearl Bracelets.
Priority #1 is a baby quilt for our (now no longer) neighbours expecting their fifth boy in August. I've waffled on this a zillion times. Here is where it is going. Who knows what it will be like by the end!
I decided to do a rectangular thing (right hand page) and I need to throw in more solids for it to work. 
I hope the other boxes floating around my house can just unpack themselves because I am itching to sew! I think it will take the general chaos that I hate about moving and give me a zen activity to get into a better mindset. Here's hoping for a few minutes of sewing time!


  1. Hope you settle in okay and that you're able to get your sewing room set up to your liking.

  2. That teal closet makes me happier than any closet should. And let's not get me started on the Pearl Bracelets!

    Congrats on your new sewing space. I look forward to seeing it come together!