Wednesday 29 July 2015

WIP Wednesday: Wee Wander

Having my own sewing room has been absolutely divine. I have been sewing every single day, even for 10 minutes here and there because I never need to put anything away so it is always ready to go! Despite the sewing time, blogging time has been trumped by unpacking and general summer busy fun.

Here is what I have been working on. A co-worker is expecting twin girls in early October/late September. Her nursery is white with little pops of colour. I have been dying to try Owen's Olivia's tutorial for a wonky star and this seemed like the perfect project!

I then went through my stash and found my Wee Wander fat eighths and felt inspired. One girl twin will get a cool colourway and the other will get a warm colourway. I'm seriously crushing on the fabric.
Wee Wander fat eighths. I also had to add in some C+S from my stash and some Lizzy House diamonds because some of the prints are too "white" to work against Kona White backgrounds (not enough contrast).
I tested a block from the tutorial and was not happy about the amount of waste. I mentioned this on Instagram and Owen's Olivia responded immediately and changed her tutorial to allow for less waste. Amazing!
Right? This block? SO CUTE! (It is 12" square).
The trimmings have been soooooo cute. I needed to take a picture so I could say goodbye and feel less wistful. I know that's sad. I'm okay with it. :)
Cool trimmings all together. 
I then jumped into warm (pink, orange, coral and fuschia) and spent a few more hours making all the star points for this quilt.
There are some bold colours but overall it will be a soft look, I think.
I was fortunate that in the most recent move I was able to find and consolidate all my rulers, including this 4.5" square ruler that was the perfect size for trimming all these blocks down!
I love when things work out.
It took awhile to trim them all. There are four to trim for each block and there are 12 blocks in each quilt. Eeeek.

Aren't these prints enchanting?
I got all the points done for the cool quilt and just finished the warm points. Now this quilt gets put on pause while I quilt a baby quilt (that is quite large) to make sure it is done in time for the baby's arrival in August!
Won't this be a lovely palette for one of the girls?
And now back to the tedious quilting I decided on for the blue/green animal baby quilt. I need a fan in my sewing room because this quilt is quite heavy and hot and I'm roasting even with the air conditioning on while I'm quilting!

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  1. Going to be very pretty...isn't it great...your own room!!!!!

  2. Love the colors you chose. Wonky stars are so much fun. I'm sure she will love the baby quilts.

  3. Having a designated room is so nice, isn't it?! You twin baby quilts are going to be so cute!

  4. Looks fantastic! I'm dying to see your sewing room. A fan upstairs it totally necessary - I sympathize with the quilting in the heat. Stay cool1

  5. I see my picture taking of trimmings has gotten contagious. It always makes me feel a little better about throwing them away too! I love that you're co-ordinating the quilts for the girlies instead of matching them... does my twin mama heart good! Can't wait to see that lovely Wee Wander in the finished product.

  6. Glad to hear you are having fun in your new sewing room. I love having a dedicated space - you can just leave everything out.

  7. I think they are going to be really lovely quilts, despite all the trimming! Having a dedicated room is great, isn't it? My only problem with mine is that it's on the top floor of our 3 story house and I'm lazy!