Tuesday 29 December 2015

Wait. More babies?!

I know, I know. It seems like everyone I know was having a baby in 2015. I thought I was done with baby quilts for awhile.  Then I found out I have a new nephew arriving in March! His room is grey and mom is deciding on hints of navy or teal, so I pulled this bundle:
These colours make me very happy.
I have other plans up my sleeve for baby nephew. It involves paper piecing. I may regret it. The pattern printed out at 24 pages!

Also, my husband's cousin is expecting her first, also in March. She doesn't know if it is a boy or a girl but I'm hoping, knowing the mom, that these organic prints will float her boat either way.
Gender neutral and super cute without being cutsie.
I also have a work friend expecting boy #2 in March. I really want to put together something cute for her, but I'm stumped right now.

A bundle I DO have ready is this green and navy pull for my friends' three-year-old. He is one of two kids I still need to make quilts for in that circle of friends. I love this colour combo and all that Lizzy House!
I think I want a quilt in these colours!
I'm also working away on my daughter's I-Spy quilt. I'm pretty certain it won't be done by her birthday in January, but I added five more blocks after taking this picture and so now I'm happy about the size that it will be. This is an early finish for 2016, I think.
I love how this is turning out.
So, babies. At least three babies in early 2016. But baby quilts are fun to make because it means a little person will be enjoying it right away. And all babies need quilts, right?


  1. Agreed. Babies need quilts. A work friend actually tried to convince me to use quilts from my stash for DT. Can you imagine? As though I would make special quilts for everyone else's babies but not my own. Crazy talk. As per usual, I am in love with your fabric pulls here. If Himself would let me paint our bedroom the colour of my dreams (he's so conservative), the grey & teal pull would work perfectly! And the i Spy is awesome.

  2. Wow...more babies. Love the fabric choices.