Friday 1 January 2016

Hello, 2016! Quilty Goals for the New Year!

I made a list in 2015 of all the quilts I wanted to get done. Honestly, I didn't do all that badly. The first 7 quilts on my list got finished. Then I had an "other quilts to make" list, of which I managed to make 0 out of 4. Ouch. This was followed by a WIP list, of which I completed 1/3. Oh dear. My record maybe isn't so great after all. Finally I had a last list of non-quilt items, of which I managed 1/5. 

Of course on top of all those goals I didn't meet I did manage to complete 18 quilts total. Not too shabby!

So here is the plan for 2016.

1. Complete a charity quilt, one for a Syrian refugee new to Toronto, as arranged by @happysewlucky from Instagram. Quilty friend A saw I was working on this and is donating batting and the backing to the cause. Hooray for quilty love!

I am not one to have a lot of WIPs but this year it is out of control. I want to tackle them before I start new ones, but with babies on the way in March that is not likely.

So, I need to finish:
1. I-Spy Quilt

2. Sugar Block Club from 2013, I think it was?

3. My Aviatrix Medallion. The one I knew I would take a loooooong time to finish yet started anyone thanks to quilty friend peer pressure (looking at you, C).

1. A quilt for my new nephew.
2. A quilt for my husband's cousin's baby.
3. A quilt for my friend's little boy.

1. A quilt for AB, one of two kids in a group of friends who don't have a quilt from me.

2. A quilt for AM, the last of the kids to get a quilt.

3. That darn orange and turquoise quilt I keep putting on the "to make" list.

4. Aunt Sheila's 65th Birthday quilt. I have the pull done and the pattern picked, now I have a year and a bit to get it done on time!

5. A quilt to honour my much-missed friend who died in March 2015. I've sewn so much for her- two baby quilts, two "big boy" quilts, plus trips fabric shopping with her for her home for new pillows and nursery fabrics- that my whole sewing room (and particularly my scraps) reminds me of her. So I gathered up fabrics that are connected to her and I want to make a wall hanging with the pieces. I know the pattern I want to use already.

I am going to stick with those goals. There are a lot of them already in this list and I doubt I will get to them all (just as I didn't achieve too many on the last list). My prediction? Aviatrix Medallion won't be done. Otherwise I think I have a decent shot!

What is your #1 quilty goal this year?


  1. You had a marvellous quilty 2015 with a very impressive 18 quilts. Good luck with these ones.

  2. Wonderful goals! That Aviatrix medallion... yum. And don't beat yourself up too much for the WIPs last year. You made 18, let me say that again... 18!!!!, quilts. And those babies just keep coming. I love the idea that you're going to make a quilt in memory of your friend. Perhaps oddly, I think of her often.

  3. These are great goals. Even though you didn't finish everything on your list, you made a lot of quilts in 2015. Happy New Year.

  4. Great goals! You accomplished a lot in 2015. There were just so many baby quilts to be done that took away from other quilty goals. I can't wait to see all your progress this year :)