Friday 15 April 2016

AeroPlus: A Finished Quilt (and terrible pictures)

A friend who recently gave birth to her second son in as many years lives quite a distance away from me- about a seven hour drive. I made her new son a quilt, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay the ridiculous shipping costs. Some texting late on a Thursday night had us finding a solution- I would take the quilt with me to a school I had a meeting at the next day(Friday), leave the quilt with the vice principal (who is my quilty friend C), have a teacher at that school pick it up from the VP and bring it home with him to Orangeville (an hour away from me), and then he dropped it off at my friend's mother's work so that the mom could bring it with her to visit my friend in two weeks. Phew!!

This last minute game of hot potato meant no time to get decent pictures of AeroPlus. You will have to put up with iPhone pictures, taken while standing on a chair (hubby was out late at ultimate frisbee so I didn't even have a quilt holder!) and at night. Too bad. 

Here is AeroPlus:
I love the blues, oranges and greens. There is a hint of yellow. All colours are based off the Ann Kelle airplane print that inspired this combo.

The binding was a 50/50 mix of these two Bonnie and Camille prints. I love them as binding fabric.

I used a free Greek cross tutorial (can't remember which one!) and made all of these fun blocks based on the colour scheme in this print right here. I then quilted straight lines on either side of each seam.

The back is mostly one print, with a fun little corner with some additional prints for interest.

I love love LOVE this navy on blue dot from Bonnie and Camille. I wish I had bought 10 yards, seriously.

This was the quilt all rolled up and ready to wrap. It is now in the hands of my friend's mom, and she will get to see it in a couple of weeks!
I am really happy with the quilt, if not the pictures, and since baby is only just over a month old I think that's not too shabby timing-wise!

This combo of prints was supposed to be used initially for a neighbour, but then she asked for greens, blues and animals. I set this pull aside and I am so glad I did because it turned out so nicely for this baby instead!

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  1. That is a very very cool quilt! Great mix of colours to make it really appealing to look at - great work!

  2. Such a lovely quilt for a new baby boy!

  3. It's a lovely wee quilt. I have some of that Bonnie and Camille fabric that you used for the binding, but only a FQ, so I haven't done much exciting with it. In terms of your pics, did you consider taping it to a wall? I used to do the standing on a chair bit, but it never seems to work just right. No matter how poor you say the pics are, this quilt shines!

  4. It's beautiful. How exciting that it gets to go on a journey to be delivered LOL