Saturday 9 April 2016

Taggie Blankets

Babies love tags. They love to stroke them and chew them. Give them a toy or blanket with a tag and they'll gravitate right to it. There is even a line of products designed around this fascination.

Ages ago, when I first started quilting, I figured taggie blankets were something I could make with my very limited skills. I continue to pull this little trick out of my hat when I need a very fast gift.

When the March Birthday queen from my #birthdaybonusclub shared that she was also expecting a baby in March, I threw in a little extra gift for her new bundle:
Those dinosaurs, am I right? And is there any time when Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets aren't the best choice?
I used some scrap Lizzy House on the back, too.
And since I was making one for a baby of someone I don't even know, I knew I should make one for my nephew, Pork Chop, as well. His nursery is elephant themed, so I hunted through my scraps and made:
This side is flannelette.

And this side is pieced with elephants from Bungle Jungle.
My sister-in-law then posted a picture on Facebook of my nephew enjoying his taggie blanket. Because she tagged me (ha, see what happened there?) a work friend saw the post and sent me a not-so-subtle hint that her 10-month-old (the recipient of my Meow Mix quilt) reallllllly loves tags.

So here is the one I made for sweet baby R!

I went with similar colours as Meow Mix, based on mom's request. I made this one pretty girly!

These fun peacocks on the back seemed the perfect fit for this pink and teal taggie blanket!
Plus, donuts!
Tee hee.
These little blankets are usually 8" x 8" before sewing them together, so a perfect size to throw in the car seat or in a diaper bag to entertain a little one. And they only get softer and squishier with more use, so they are fun to use and abuse!

So those are some of the non-quilt things I've been making lately!


  1. Your taggie blankets are adorable. Those elephants are darn cute. Great gifts.

  2. These are great. Do you use ribbon for the tags? Got a tutorial?

  3. Gotta love a taggie blanket! I made them for DT before they were born. Sadly, they seem to prefer the actual tags on other items to the ribbons on their blankies!