Friday 28 October 2016

Bearss: A Finished Quilt (and not a typo!)

Some lovely friends of my husband's, whom I've met on a couple of occasions, recently had a baby. They chose not to find out the baby's sex which drives me crazy as a quilter, but I figured something out!

I used some fabric from Birch Organics (the bears) to dictate the colour scheme of the whole quilt.

Here is Bearss (named for a lime tree!):

Bearss is gender neutral and sunny!

I made this very simply with 5x5" blocks and 5x10" blocks, alternating. I love how bright this quilt is!
I just went with straight-line echoing of each seam, which was simple and effective on this sort of quilt.
I piecing a back with this big swatch of grey I had as well as leftover bits from the front. For the binding I used a grey and snow white fabric I've had sitting around for ages that worked with the softness of this quilt's colour scheme (no stark whites).
Mom and Dad were super touched and recognized the special nature of a handmade item. Their baby girl (!) will be sure to get lots of use out of it! (At least I hope!)