Saturday 3 December 2016

Force Field: A Finished Quilt

Within my one group of friends there are 13 children, all within a 9 year span. Since I started sewing I have slowly been making my way through each of the children, making them each a quilt. When I started making quilts there were 8 less children! 

This quilt, Force Field, is the very last of the quilts for the children in that "family" of friends. He is 11-years-old and joined our family late when his mom married one of our group. It is hard to make quilts for tween boys, let me tell you, but fortunately he likes Star Wars (and Harry Potter but I couldn't make that work) so I decided to go with a Star Wars quilt. I used a free pattern called Banners from Fox Favourites on Craftsy and it was, at times, a bit tedious to make all those little flags, but look how cute it is!!

(The wind was blowing and my husband was getting irritated so these are the best pictures I got).
Force Field!

I used a lot of Star Wars fabrics by Camelot that I picked up some time ago for this very purpose and found that some Carolyn Friedlander from my stash as well as the ever-present Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets worked perfectly with this quilt. There's even a guest appearance by Riley Blake chevrons!

For the first time in maybe ever I used a non-Kona solid. Gasp! This solid was a better match and was available at a local-ish craft store so my friend A told me to just go for it. Forgive me, Robert Kaufman!

The back is all one fabric, picked up for me by A at a discount fabric store she was at one day. What did quilt buddies do before days of texts?

Very thematic.
The little boy...who is not so little...will receive his quilt this Christmas when this group gets all together and I hope he loves it!


  1. Looks amazing Lynn! Well done make all those quilts.

  2. It looks amazing!! He is sure to love it!!

  3. This is a great quilt. It's a great pattern. I think he will like it.