Friday 28 July 2017

Accidental Giraffe: A Finished Quilt

When your husband is in charge of finding out if the baby you want to make a quilt for is a boy or girl (or nursery colours, which is even better!) then you better be prepared for mistakes. Like my husband telling me our mutual (though not close) friend was expecting a girl. Except. Yeah, no. They had a boy. Sigh.

But I had already pulled this stack and started cutting it and so I decided to go ahead with it anyway because I thought it was just too cute to resist.

This is Accidental Giraffe:

The starting fabric was that giraffe print I have had for ages. Then I added in a ton of prints from the recent collection Pond by Elizabeth Hartman and that adorable kitty print that is bright pink but reading in these pictures as red.

 For the first time ever I decided to be brave and try minky on the back. I was cautioned by many but I basted it well and took the (straight line) quilting slowly and I had no issues! It is so soft and so nubbly and so worth it!

I went with a bold solid dark turquoise colour for the binding. It pops against the pink and doesn't make this colour too dainty, IMO.

This is the first time I can remember making a quilt that didn't have a pre-destined owner. I'm sure someone will turn up pregnant with a little girl in my new future!

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