Friday 4 August 2017

Sewing Together a Sew Together Bag...For Myself!

I have made a couple of Sew Together bags before, one for a co-worker and one for A Quarter Inch from the Edge. I chose fabrics to make myself a Sew Together and then it was never the priority. I decided summer vacation was the perfect time to change this!

Here is a very photo heavy post about my new bag. I've already filled it up with toiletries for travelling and I love, love it. 
I quilted the main panel this time with a bit of batting. This was a new thing for me to try and I think I would do it again.

I chose to do ombre teal zippers and I totally love the impact.

I prepped a bunch of pieces and then stalled again. I still need to check the Quilt Barn tutorial for this bag for some of the steps!

This is one of my favourite stages of making this bag. It starts actually looking like a bag and those side panels are intimidating the first time through.

Wonderclips make all the difference on a bulky project like this when doing the binding!
 When it was finished I felt such relief and excitement!

I used an Alison Glass sunprints text print on the inside. I had to maximize the cut I had so some of the text goes one way and some the other. I know this would drive some people crazy but not me!

I used some really bold colours on the inside pockets. They are drawn from the colours in the Ex Libris that is on the outside.

This weird side shot was because I was drooling over the details. I was reluctant to use up Ex Libris on things like long strips for binding because it seemed wasteful to cut through the panels. Seeing the results?? LOVE. Look at that zipper!
As always happens when I make one of these and post it on Instagram, people are asking to place orders. There is only one order I may actually older daughter wants one for her birthday. Now that I think I can do. :)