Sunday 6 August 2017

Mixed Bag (Pun Intended)

Just a few things to note.

One is that I gifted this quilt to a lovely family and this was the picture I got with the thank you. Honestly, this is my favourite part of gifting any baby quilt- getting a picture of the sweet babe on it!
Baby S likes his quilt.
 Also, I am working on making a Sleepy Fox pillow for my "nephew" coming this November. Despite my huge stash of solids I still needed to order two colours from Mad About Patchwork to continue. Darn it!

Where are Flame and Creamsicle when you need them?
 I have had plans for a couple of years to make some Lined Drawstring Bags using the pattern from In Color Order to use as reusable Christmas wrapping. What finally got my butt in gear this year? Buying a small bundle of Ann Kelle Jingle fabric on my recent shop hop with friends. 

Four Everything Size, one Project size and one Snack size.
I pulled out some Laurie Wisbrun Brrr fabric I have had for ages too which you see in several of the linings, plus some other random fabrics from my stash.
I am so pleased that they are done!

On to the next item on the list!