Monday 30 October 2017

Big Bag for Mom

My mom is incredibly generous with her time and often gets called in for "grandma duty." She requested that I make her a new Chubby Charmer bag for her swimming gear as she swims every day with her friends. I had her pick out the fabrics that she loved and got to work making her a new bag.

Note: I hate this pattern. I do not recommend it. It is poorly written and there are ways I would change the pattern. I forgot since the last time I made her one of these bags. But once I was in, I had to persevere.

I quilted the outside panels to give some additional structure. (Isn't that sand piper cute?)
 The handles going on seemed like a really big step because you can start to see it is going to be a bag.
The handles are very sturdy because of the fusible fleece inside and the extra quilting.
 The assembly stage involves putting the outside of the bag inside out and then adding in the lining.

This was a great use for my Wonder Clips. This was a lot of layers and I had a few issues with the needle skipping stitches. I switched out to a fresh new needles and slowed down a lot and that helped immensely.
 After some struggles, the bag was finally complete! I snapped some quick pictures before gifting it to my mother the very next day!

She loved the bag and can't wait to show it off to her friends. For all the free babysitting she does, this bag was the least I could do!