Wednesday 14 March 2018

I Swear I've Been Sewing

Even though it has been crickets here on my blog, I have been steadily working on my mother-in-law's Pineapple Farm quilt and making real progress. After what seemed like forever I got all of the pineapples done:
I finished all the red pineapples first and then added in the orangey and yellow ones.
 I then had to add the sashing which was a little tricky at first. There are a LOT of bias seams which meant they were a bit rippled, so I followed the rules very carefully and pinned every 3" (which is ridiculous) and then sashing went on MUCH better.
My cat was his usual helpful self.

Smooth sashing. That's better.

This was when I had all the centre sashing done and just needed to add the borders, which are now done.
 I also went on a shop hop with friends on Tuesday (as we are all in education and this is our March Break) and I did a LOT of damage.
There were some awesome deals. I even have a plan for many of these.
And I completed some lined drawstring bags to gift to my nephews at Easter. They are filled with stickers and some treats.
Next up on my agenda is finishing this pineapple quilt and then on to finishing the next WIP. My goal, if you remember from my first January post, is to have no WIPs by the end of 2018. Wish me luck!


  1. That quilt is bonkers. Yay you for making great progress!

  2. Your pineapples are awesome. I like how the rows are offset.