Wednesday 24 April 2019

Neutral Summer: A Finished Quilt

This past summer (2018) I participated in the Summer Sampler 2018. I challenged myself to use mostly scraps and to do the quilt entirely in neutrals (black, white and grey) because I love to use colour and it would push me to think differently about each block in terms of contrast.

The finished result delights me and my mom claimed it almost immediately.

Here is Neutral Summer:
 The impact of the neutral pallet is, I think, pretty powerful. I had some trouble with those hourglass filler blocks at first because they were reading too dark so I switched some of the colours and was much happier.
 The backing is just a grey I found for a reasonable price at Lens Mills and though I usually like a pieced backing my mother does not. 
I quilted it using straight-ish horizontal lines which was simple but effective. Especially considering the size of the quilt (80" x 80") it made sense to be practical rather than too decorative. That is a big quilt!

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