Thursday 23 June 2016


Oh dear. More than a month has passed without a blog post, thanks in part to the busy time of year and also because I am both wrapping up my current job and getting ready for my next one coming this September. I am so excited to be opening a new high school!

One of my work colleagues/friends encouraged me to join the #100daychallenge. I did some research and decided to jump right in with #100daysofFMQ. I had that Angela Walters Craftsy class that was just sitting there and I really do need to expand my free motion quilting repertoire. I made a stack of quilt sandwiches and tried each day to experiment with a different design.

I didn't make it all 100 days. Life got in the way. But I think I made it 47 days which is pretty darn great! Check me out on Instagram if you want to see all the successes and failures @lynnfilliter.

Below are some hits and misses from the challenge! (Have mercy on me, especially since I purposely used dark thread on light fabric to highlight the quilting!)

Circle are hard!

I liked the varied size of circles (thanks Angela Walters!)

Not so much.

Free hand free motion stars on an actual quilt. Um. Cute?

More Angela Walters. This is a variation on Ribbon Candy.

Feathers are harder than circles! Yikes!

This was my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE from all the ones I tried. I followed a free tutorial AND IT TOTALLY WORKED.

Angela again.

More Angela.

I'm not sure what I think of this one.

Another free tutorial. I count this one as a success!

Kind of cool, right?

Not so much.
I think my quilting skills have improved a bit and if nothing else I feel braver to tackle different quilting on my next project. The problem is that straight line quilting and wandering meander stipple FMQ is just so darn easy to resort to when it is what you know best!

Which of my above experiments do you like?