Tuesday 28 November 2017

Molasses: A Finished Quilt

A long time ago, on an Instagram feed far far away, I saw Pen and Paper Patterns post about her garden snail quilt and I was instantly in love. Then I found out that Gnome Angel was going to do a slow sew-along and I conned my friend C over at The Edgy Perfectionist to join in (and I talked Jen at A Quarter Inch from the Edge to do it too...but she ran out of steam. I think having twins might have contributed to that!).

Each week I made one snail using a different Lizzy House fabric and posted my snail to my Instagram. At the end of 42 weeks I had 42 adorable snails and with a little sashing (and a big score of long OOP Lizzy House for the backing) I now have a finished quilt!

Here is Molasses:

Each snail shell is different, but all prints are by Lizzy House.

I like how the wind shows you the back and front in this shot.

The backing is this Castle Peeps fabric from 2004. Thank goodness for strange outlet fabric stores that carry such treasures (I think it cost me maybe $10/yard?)

I did organic (my term for I didn't want to measure) straight line quilting in a light grey down the quilt. It is more functional than decorative and I really like how it looks.
This quilt will be staying with me. I couldn't give it up! But I do have to note that despite using all Lizzy House I have not made even the slightest dent into my stash. What a shame.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Moving Mountains: A Finished Quilt

My dear friend, whom I've known literally my entire life as our moms are best friends, had her second child in mid-November. He is a tiny little peanut and he is sheer perfection. Obviously I was going to make him a quilt.

My friend is very particular about...everything, really, so I let her tell me what she wanted for his quilt. She picked the pattern by scrolling through Pinterest, then came over to my house and went through my solids and my Kona card to pick the colours. She also ordered one fat quarter of a special origami fox print from Spoonflower for me to add in as a couple of HSTs. I was surprised when she let me pick the backing- ha!

She is delighted with the end result and promised me pictures of my wee "nephew" on his quilt as soon as she can manage. 

Here is Moving Mountains:
The quilt is intentionally very modern (as per mom's taste) and is also simple HSTs.
For any "mountains" that had white space above them I did some loose echo quilting.

The backing is all one fabric because that is also what the mom prefers.

I used this grey fabric that looks like a lot of tally marks. I am not even sure who makes it but it was the perfect modern, neutral fabric for this quilt while still having something slightly interesting going on.
 Baby is still very tiny and it certainly won't be in his crib until he is older, but I anticipate some tummy time will be on his quilt from me!

Monday 6 November 2017

The Short Short Version

Work is taking over my life but I promise there is sewing and sewing-related action happening around here in small bits.

So as per The Princess Bride's epic wedding scene, here is the short, short version of what I have been up to:

This simple baby quilt for a baby literally due any day now is now done except for a label.

These lined drawstring bags were gifted to someone to brighten his day after something sort of crummy happened to him (the little one was for him and the big one for his nine-year-old Rey-loving daughter).

My pre-order of Tula Pink Spirit Animal came and SHUT UP I LOVE IT.

My birthday gift from my husband finally arrived and it is so awesome. This is Magic Forest.

Molasses, my snail quilt, got quilted and binding got made. I just need some quality time on the couch to get this binding hand sewn on the back.

And my new Diving Board fabric arrived. It is my favourite Alison Glass ever with the exception of the Ex Libris panels. This fabric is 1000% in person. I'm tempted to take it to work with me so I can just look at it all day there too.
So there is what I am up to- the short, short version!