Thursday 31 October 2019

Vintage Wedding: A Finished Quilt

My friend of more than twenty years got married early in September. I knew I was going to make her and her new husband a quilt and there were a few fat quarters I had set aside years earlier that just had my friend written all over them. I started this Meadowland quilt at the same time as the one I made my daughter but this is the HUGE size (80"x90").

The colours and patterns and slightly vintage feel are just right for her (and her husband). 

The backing is this flower fabric that is subtle and also gold so a slight shimmer. 

She LOVED it and it has resided on her bed since she got it so I think it was a win. Which is good because it was a BEAST to quilt!

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Ocean Fantasy: A Finished Quilt

I loved this Meadowland pattern by Then Came June when it first went all over Instagram. I decided to join the #MeadowlandQAL and use a bundle I had sitting and waiting to be made into something for my older daughter. 

The quilt along was a ton of fun and the end result was cute. though I determined I really prefer Meadowlands with more limited palettes. The blocks I ended up liking the the most are the ones with only two colours, not three.

My daughter loves it and used it as soon as I told her it was done. It was in heavy rotation all summer until she finally switched over to her down duvet when the weather was more consistently cold at night this past week.

Monday 28 October 2019

Joy: A Finished Quilt

I love Lizzy House. When I was cutting out the fabric for my Lizzy House Snail quilt I also cut a 5" square from almost every fabric I own of hers. Then this summer I finally put them all together into a simple patchwork in rainbow order.

There is no reason for the quilt other than it makes me ridiculously happy every time I see it. It is a small lap size and it is so delightful.

For the back I went back into my Lizzy Stash and cut some rectangles to do another stripe of colour. The main backing fabric is an orange stripe from her Castle Peeps line that is soooooooo old and OOP. It is so cheerful with the rainbow!

So nice to make a quilt just because it is a happy thing to make!

Sunday 27 October 2019

Elle's Unicorn: A Finished Quilt

A colleague whom I cherish recently gave birth to a precious baby girl. This Lisa the Unicorn quilt (an Elizabeth Hartman pattern) seemed the perfect choice. The background is Kona UltraMarine. 

For the unicorn's mane I used all Alison Glass Sunprints and I LOVE how it turned out. The unicorn's horn is Tula Pink.
The backing is an old OOP Aneela Hooey print that I find charming, in a light pink.

I did organic straight-ish line quilting.

The wee bub (and her mom) loved the quilt!

Edges: A Finished Quilt

Since I first began quilting, I collected the selvedges. I didn't know what I would do with them. I graduated to a giant glass jar to collect them in. The consensus amongst my quilty friends was that though they were pretty, the doubted anything would come of them. Hah!

Here is Edges, a quilt I finished in July. It is made entirely of selvedges, in colour order, using a muslin base to sew the selvedges on in strips. This quilt is HEAVY and no one but me will ever probably appreciate it. But isn't it cool?

I see so many designers and companies in each block and I find it so delightful.

The back is just some random stuff I had  in my stash.
I am still collecting selvedges so I will need a new plan once that jar gets full again!

Monday 8 July 2019

Photo Finish: A Finished Quilt

Oh my gosh, so apparently I never blogged about my finished Polaroid quilt? Yikes! It has been done for a few months! And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Can't emphasize that enough.

This was a bucket list quilt for me and I made most of the blocks myself plus a few sewn in from some quilty peeps on the East Coast (Hi Jen!). I used Kona Navy as the sashing and am quite chuffed about that decision, let me tell you.

Each "photo" is different and my kids can't stop looking at it when it is out and about. I need to find a way to put it into more regular rotation while still staying FAR AWAY FROM MY DUMB DOG (who eats quilts, if you're new here).

Here is Photo Finish (and did I mention I love it?):

Sunday 7 July 2019

Spunky Stack: A Finished Quilt

My younger daughter was in Junior Kindergarten this year and had an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) in her classroom along with her classroom teacher. My daughter has no idea which teacher has which role just that she loves them both and they encourage her and love her. So OF COURSE I needed to make a quilt not only for her teacher but also for Ms. S, her ECE.

I really liked the Stack Quilt pattern by Modern Handcraft and thought this would be a great opportunity to try it out. Then once I did my fabric pull...oh man, I was jazzed (I even cut two because I think I want to make another one with the same fabrics!)
And thank goodness that Cyrus also did a fabric inspection. Look at that Alison Glass! And the Tula! And the Lizzy House! And the Sarah Watts! 

The pattern is really well written and comes together quite quickly. I then added lots of white space at the top and did some simple straight line quilting. Here is Spunky Stack:

The backing is Lizzy House mini Pearl Bracelets (can you tell that I both love Lizzy House AND that Sew Sisters had this fabric on for $10.99/m??). I think this is the Aqua colour.
Ms. S LOVED her quilt and I hope she gets lots of love out of it. My daughter wrote the label for this one, too. Giving quilts to teachers seems super satisfying!

Saturday 6 July 2019

Brilliant Banners: A Finished Quilt

I really wanted to make a Banner Year Quilt by Andrea Tsang-Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop since I saw her pictures of it on Instagram. I figured a year end teacher quilt was a perfect reason to put one together!

I also thought that this pattern screamed out to be made out of scraps and I always have an abundance of blues so I dumped out my bins and paired a whole bunch of solids with patterns so that each banner would have both. 

I did mess up the placement of one of the banners which caused another banner to be in the wrong place but I take this to be an artistic choice instead of a mistake. Are you with me?

Here is Brilliant Banners:
The lap size was slightly smaller than I expected but now I know for next time.

There ended up being a range of blues AND greens to create some interest (and use up more scraps).

The back is more trusty Lizzy House mini Pearl Bracelets in Dragonfly. There is a handwritten label (by my 5-year-old) in the corner which makes it even more special IMO.

This quilt went to my Junior Kindergarten's teacher, Ms. M. My JK LOVED school this year and absolutely thrived under Ms. M's care and so I was delighted to gift her this quilt and that she was totally surprised! (Honestly I thought that by now the teachers at that school would compare who had my kids since I always make a quilt! Ha!)

Friday 5 July 2019

Jungle: A Finished Quilt

A lovely human being at work, whom I consider both a co-worker and a friend, was having a baby. And we all know what that means. Baby quilt!

She did not want to find out the sex of the baby and decorated the nursery using a jungle theme and I knew JUST the Rifle Paper Co. fabric to make her vision happen.

Here is Jungle:

 This pattern is called Zebra Crossing and you may recognize it because it is maybe my sixth time using it? It makes such a sweet, quick baby quilt that highlights the fabrics but doesn't take too much time.

 You can see the Rifle Paper Co. fabric I started with. And look at those Cotton + Steel tigers!! Aren't they precious? I am all heart-eyes over the fabrics in this quilt!

 Including some Lizzy House mini Pearl Bracelets on the back! (In Dragonfly). 
It was gifted June 26 and good thing because this sweet baby boy arrived two weeks early on July 1! His wonderful mama already sent me this picture of him snoozing on his new quilt. Couldn't you just eat him?

Thursday 4 July 2019

Meadowland QAL

I have wanted to make a Meadowland Quilt ever since Then Came June released her pattern. I bought the pattern but assumed it would sit, as many patterns have, waiting to be made. Then it was announced there would be a Quilt Along and I figured that was my push to actually get one done!

Not to be reasonable, I decided to try to make TWO Meadowland quilts at the same time. One for my daughter with a bundle I curated close to two years ago and one with a bundle to make a quilt as a gift that is for secret sewing.
These are the two bundles I curated. Secret sewing on the left, quilt for my daughter (who is 10) on the right.
A closer look at the bundle for my daughter's quilt.
The piles to make the blocks seemed huge.
Mixing and matching them was interesting having never done it before. I learned afterwards that I prefer more monochromatic blocks.
First five done.
Look how cute one block looks!

The finished quilt top didn't come out quite how I intended (I decided I like a bit more restraint in colour to make this pattern pop) but I will finish it this summer and move on to the next one (that I need to get done for a September gift!)

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 So Far

I really enjoyed the Summer Sampler last year so I signed up again this year. My quilty friend A is also planning to do this but waited for her kit to arrive and hasn't yet jumped on board. I think she may start soon as we have a sewing day Monday!

I just wanted to share my blocks that I have created so far. I ended up challenging myself to do this as a monochromatic scheme (in all greens with white and grey accents) after last year doing it all in neutrals. So far it is challenging me just the right amount and I think I will like the end result. I even know who will be the recipient! (Though he doesn't know yet!). I also like that I am using up lots of green scraps!

Here are my blocks so far: