Friday 17 August 2018

Level Up: A Finished Quilt

Years ago my husband picked out a pattern from the book Geared for Guys by Emily Herrick for me to make him. He then lamented loudly to people who asked me about my quilts that I have never made him one. Little did he know that this year I got my act together and actually had his quilt all done without him knowing so I could gift it to him on our thirteenth wedding anniversary. He was delighted!

(To be frank, however, I am confident he will never actually use the quilt. He is always hot and rarely uses a quilt while on the couch. But we shall see!)

Here is Level Up:
 The letters themselves are appliqu├ęd which I have tried about three times ever but it worked out pretty well. One of the instructions for cutting was a bit strange but I figured out what had gone wrong and fortunately had enough fusing and fabric to recut and redo. 
 The backing was this cool fabric from Oh Look Fabric. It is Art Gallery City Loft Fusion "Subtle Journey" in City if you are interested. 
It is geometric and works well with the graphic front, I think. Plus my husband hates pieced backings so I knew I needed to pick a single fabric. 

For the quilting I echo quilted down each of those lines that extends from the letters as well as went around all of the letters with a zigzag for extra security. Then I did some single lines that hit a certain point and spread out into multiple lines, in keeping with the geometric look. I like the result!

Pretty much as soon as I gave it to him I made him hold it up for pictures. As one does. Happy anniversary to my (mostly) patient husband!