Sunday 30 December 2012

It is Amazing What You Can Find in Your Stash

I had a fabulous but busy Christmas, and I hope everyone enjoyed time with their family. My very favourite gifts will be mentioned in a future post, but I wanted to share the joys of post-Christmas sewing/quilting projects!

(By the way, I never did finish those stockings for my family. I will need to get on those earlier in 2013 to get them done for next Christmas!).

I jumped right back into sewing as soon as I had a spare moment, and I decided to tackle my HST QAL December block first. I also wrote a list to go shopping for some sashing and border fabric- I don't have anything suitable for the border (at least, not enough of anything) and I want my sashing to match the white-on-white I used in all my blocks. A trip to The Hobby Horse it is!

I did, however, cut out the 20 2x2 blocks required for the corners of the blocks based on Jeni's finishing instructions. Here is a peek:

Also, I have had the centre panel of the baby quilt I am making for my friend/babysitter who is due in February done for quite awhile. She is having another little boy (number three!) and I chose some Peak Hour charm squares. I could not decide on the border, and almost went with a solid grey. But it wasn't right. And I knew it. So I sighed, and went to check out my stash to see if there was something that worked better. Guess what I found?
Rush Hour! (And if you are wondering about the baseboard I was, indeed, ironing on a mini ironing board on the floor).
A whole meter of Riley Blake Rush Hour fabric! I had completely forgotten about buying some yardage while in Pittsburgh this past summer. I had some other prints too, including my favourite Want Ads print in white. 

The pictures of the quilt top and backing are not great (courtesy of being taken at 11:00 at night in poor lighting) but they give you a feel for this wonderful baby quilt!
Things That Go- front

Things That Go- back
I love the way the fabrics work together, and the pieced back is so cute. I am ready to baste this puppy!

But wait. A problem emerged from my decisions, and that is a total lack of a particular bunny fabric I purchased specifically for this baby. You see, his mom is a bunny nut, and finding "boyish" bunny fabric is not exactly easy. I have the perfect stuff, but it just did not go with the Rush Hour fabric, no matter how I tried to work it in. Solution? Make two quilts!

And so here are the initial pulls for this lucky little boy's second quilt:
A grey, white and blue bunny quilt? I think yes!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

P.S. This is my 100th post! Considering I wasn't sure if sewing would stick, and then I wasn't sure if quilting would stick, never mind blogging about quilting, I am pretty amazed! And going strong! Thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. The quilt looks awesome - both versions! And congrats on 100 posts!