Thursday 19 September 2013

A Gift from a Quilty Friend

My friend C, over at The Edgy Perfectionist, made a zippy pouch to contain her phone, pens, post-its and other items when at work events at banquet halls. We both end up at these sorts of events and so I instantly wanted one. She had already made one for her boss, so I thought my chances were low.

Then I forgot to put borders on my quilt.

I think she felt bad for me (over the laughing at me, of course). And look what she made me!

I love that it is from her fabric stash because it is not what I would have picked but it is the most delicious pattern and choice of colours. And the green goes super well with my new work bag! I love it. She's the best.

But I still don't want to talk about those borders.


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