Tuesday 17 September 2013

Kona Solids September & Best Laid Plans

My Sew Sisters Kona Solids of the Month photo this month was:
Back to school, of  course!
I can't say this combination of colours is particularly pleasing but I am thrilled with each one individually as I would have wanted to try each solid.
From top to bottom: Kona Snow, Kona Pepper, Kona Parchment and Kona Chinese Red

On another note, I am back to work and the busiest I have ever been in my professional life. It is pretty break-neck paced and so I have no time to sew. My machine went in for servicing- the first time ever in the three years I have owned it- and it is still sitting, untested, calling my name. Sigh. Also, I had plans for when it was in. Cutting I would do. Pressing. Binding. None of it happened. I'm just too busy!

I'm hoping to get in some hand sewing on the binding of a baby quilt I was working on, hem some pants and then (fingers crossed) tackle some sewing on my newly-serviced machine tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


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