Tuesday 24 September 2013

New Reason to Sew

I have hinted at some secret projects recently, mostly in regards to some fabric purchases. I can now reveal the "secret:" I am expecting my second child this January!

I am dying to sew/quilt for Baby #2.  I didn't yet sew with baby #1- I didn't get a sewing machine until she was 2 1/2! We know it will be another girl (Big Sister is thrilled) but I do NOT subscribe to pink and white for girls. My oldest daughter's nursery was a sort of sage green (the paint colour was Mother Nature) with white accents. New baby's nursery (much to Daddy's chagrin because it means he has to repaint) will be a grey colour. I have some paint samples waiting to pick just the right one!

I picked up this fabric on sale at my local Fabricland (a very poor version of Jo Ann's):
These are flannelette and will be made (I'm hoping) into crib sheets. I found with #1 that I never had enough crib sheets and yet they were so overpriced for such a simple product. Won't they be cute?

I have so many piles of fabric that I would love to use to make for baby. The problem is matching my hopes to my reality. After all, I still have three baby quilts to piece over the next month, and I have two larger quilts that I intended to make for Christmas. How much time will I really have to make this baby quilts before she arrives?

So. I am narrowing it down to making two or three quilts for everyday use and one wall hanging for the newly-grey nursery. 

The wall hanging is rainbow and will be from Allison Harris' book. The three quilts (pattern yet to be decided for two) will be from these three much-loved bundles:
Indian Summer
 The pattern for the Indian Summer quilt (found on Pinterest, of course) is from Simple Simon and Company and looks like this:

These organics are so gorgeous I MUST use them for my newest addition!
These ones I am only using the Backyard Baby from the right. My hubby agrees that those are super cute. I love, love this line so I want to make something for baby with them.
I know I am being vastly unrealistic, especially considering I also want to make some baby blankets, a car seat swaddle blanket, a taggie blanket, some changing pad covers...ack!

I also hope that I will get lots of chances to sew while on maternity leave. Am I crazy? I was super bored when at home with #1, and my eldest will only be in school part-time so she will add to my busy level, but maybe I can sneak in more daytime sewing while baby naps? 

I have also reflected that during my first pregnancy, daughter #1 was subjected to the constant sound of keys jingling from my work lanyard bouncing off my stomach. In my current role I don't have keys around my neck, but baby #2 gets to hear a lot of the hum of sewing machine! Maybe she will be my sewing prodigy?

Tell me if you think my sewing goals are ridiculous!



  1. Congratulations! Not sure you will have time to sew,.. Now that my #2 is 3, I fine I do have a vt more time...

  2. Lynn...god love you but your sewing goals are ridiculous. Have you forgotten that you work full time too!