Thursday 28 August 2014

More Fabric. Of Course.

Fabric is addictive. I didn't know that when I started quilting. I have a stash that could only be described as gluttonous. Honestly, I am starting to reach a point where I could sew for five more years at ten quilts a year and barely make a dent.

And yet.

Two big fat envelopes arrived from Pink Castle Fabrics!
There is no happier mail than fabric mail.
See, Pink Castle is moving locations and had a Super Sale section and then ANOTHER 40% OFF THAT SECTION! I wiped the drool from chin and placed an order for these:
Riley Blake Quatrefoil FQ bundle that worked out to just over $1 a fat quarter. Also, a yard and a half of this Art Gallery print so my friend A can make my youngest daughter a dress using an Oliver and S pattern I bought last year. I don't sew clothes.
At the same time I texted quilty friend C because there was a Heather Bailey True Colours Half Yard bundle in the Super Sale section. We both were drawn to this particular bundle when it came out last year. We also both showed restraint until this sale which, by going in together, we each got a fat quarter bundle of this line for about $30. Amazeballs. Let's just say that C jumped on the offer and I had pressed "Place order" about 15 seconds after she said to do it.
The colours are so amazing. I love this bundle.

I'm having some fabric buying thoughts that I will share in another post. Not a diet, exactly, but some motivation to use my stash. Thankfully Lotta Jansdotter's new line, which comes out in October (I think) does not appeal to me at all this time. Phew. Otherwise that would be preordered in a second!



  1. Lucky you! Wish those squishy envelopes had been in my mailbox!

  2. It is most excellent to have fellow quilty friend fabric enablers! Fortunately I am usually able to enable myself without a problem! I have enough fabric for 10 lifetimes and I'm not going to stop buying it. It has no calories!